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Eliminate wrinkles in the chest area.
The gentle, skin-friendly design is made for repeated uses of up to 30 times (When cared for correctly).

Flexible and fluid design, made to be reused and washed.

After each use, a quick cleansing with soap, without oil, is recommended to keep the skin clean and maximize its usefulness.

How to use:
1. Make sure the chest area is completely clean, dry and free of moisturizers, sunscreen, etc. Perspiration can interfere with the adhesion process.
2. Place the silicone patch on the chest area for at least 1 hour a day or overnight.
3. When finished, remove the silicone patch slowly in an upward motion. Wash the patch with mild soap, free from moisturizers, creams or oils.
4. Let air dry in a clean place. Do not use any type of towel.
5. After drying, place the silicone patch back on the plastic sheet to protect its sticker.

Note: Do not use on irritated, cut, scratched, burned or sensitive skin.

Patch detail:
Silicone patch
Reusable silicone anti-wrinkle breast patch
Size: 15 cm x 11.5 cm

Important note:
We advise you to always follow the washing instructions.
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