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The innovative and unique pillow ERGO-SOFY was created to take care of you by offering an increase in the quality of sleep, avoiding pain, contractures and incorrect postures, aligning the spine in the best position, thus obtaining a more comfortable and restful sleep, waking up with greater energy and courage to face your day.

Design designed by experts in Ergonomics and Aesthetics.
Using the ERGO-SOFY pillow every day you will experience incredible benefits
in 3 essential areas of our lives: Health, Beauty and Well-being.

- Provides greater comfort and relief from neck and spine pain.
- Relieves tendinitis in the shoulders and sciatic pain in the spine.
- Reduces
numbness in shoulders and arms.
- Slows down aging by reducing the appearance of sleep wrinkles.
- Promotes oxygenation and improves blood circulation.
- Greater comfort and continuous sleep when using oxygen masks, preventing leaks.
- Suitable in the post-operative period of facial surgeries, rhinoplasty and dental appliances.
- Height adjustable to fit shoulder size.
- Adaptable to various face sizes, helping to reduce facial asymmetries.
- Extends the durability of false eyelashes.
- Improves recovery in hair implants by avoiding compression on the skull.
- Helps painless healing of face and ear piercings.

Hypoallergenic Tencel cover
Fabric made from wood pulp from certified sustainable forests.
Composed of biodegradable fibers, made from 100% environmentally friendly cellulose, it is breathable and resistant.
With a silky touch that sometimes gives it the nickname 'vegetable silk', it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Material: Visco-elastic
Cover: Hypoallergenic Tencel (with zipper)
Measurements: 65 x (30-36) x (8-14) cm


When purchasing ERGO-SOFY you receive a pillowcase in 100% Pure Cotton.

SOFY recommends using our Satin pillowcases, as they are the ideal size to use with the ERGO-SOFY pillow.
With them you will feel a touch of elegance, softness and reinforce your natural beauty, avoiding marks on your face and hair.

Test for 15 Nights
Test ERGO-SOFY in the comfort of your room.
If it's not the ideal pillow for you, we'll refund your money in full.

With excellent quality and honesty, we assume responsibility for a 2-year warranty (against manufacturing defects)

Tip to keep ERGO-SOFY healthy:
The visco-elastic core cannot be washed or exposed directly to the sun.
We recommend using the ERGO-SOFY PUR cover, which is made of cotton and waterproof to protect against liquids.
Be careful when handling the visco-elastic core to avoid damaging it.
We recommend that you always follow the washing instructions on the cover and pillowcase label.

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